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MBE Studios

MBE Studios (formerly Music by Erin) is an Alexandria, Virginia based mobile music studio; we teach a variety of musical instruments to children and adults of all ages and abilities. Founded by Erin Elliott, a private music teacher with over a decade of teaching experience, she is a former drum major and professionally-trained flutist with a drive to teach the world the importance of music.

We are accepting new students in Spring of 2019!


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What makes MBE Studios stand out?

We build an individualized curriculum to meet your student’s needs; offer the best rates around; and feature enrichment opportunities. On top of that, as our students do their homework and improve, we offer special lessons that double as a guinea pig playdate.  We are yet to find a student that doesn’t eagerly await their guinea pig visits.

In June, 2018, we will be hosting our first ever concert! This will be a wonderful opportunity for all our students to perform for friends and family in a performance setting.




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